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A VC-24 seen unloading troops in a cutscene.


The VC-24 Gryphon is a tilt-rotor aircraft in the Western Coalition's range of vehicles. Descended from similar aircraft made in the US, the Gryphon utilizes rotors that transition between a helicopter mode for takeoff, and a plane mode for flight.

The Gryphon is seen exclusively in single-player, except for being a gunship attack for the air strike role for players.


The Gryphon does not carry large weapons, due to its transport aircraft nature, but does carry a belly-mounted Gatling cannon turret that can fold into the hull during flight.

The gunship version of the Gryphon carries a 20mm Gatling cannon as well as a 105mm Magnetic-Chemical Hybrid (MCH) gun. The MCH gun is essentially a railgun, which fires high explosive shells at medium velocity

Behind the Scenes

In mythology, a gryphon is a hybrid animal with the head, talons, and wings of an eagle, with the body of a lion. This is reflected in the naming of the VC-24, as it has capabilities of both a helicopter, and a plane due to it being a tilt-rotor aircraft.

The vehicle has several in-game archive for each of its different appearances. The main version used a transport vehicle in Campaign is referred to in the game's files as, "VHW_HEL_TransportHeli", with 'VH' standing for vehicle, 'W' for Western Coalition, 'HEL' (Helicopter) as vehicle type, and 'TransportHeli' as the role it plays.

The gunship version used by the air strike role is instead referred to as, "VHW_HEL_Gunship" and is exponentially lower in polygon count (759 as compared to the main model's 20,378). This was done for performance reasons, as the gunship would not normally be seen up-close during normal game play.

Inside the main vehicle's package file is the model for the sling load used to carry vehicles in scripted sequences in single-player.

There is a mid-poly model of a real-world Osprey in the pack file. While this model is not seen in game, its existence in the pack file means that it was likely used as a placeholder, or was a guideline when designing the Gryphon's mesh.

The pack file also includes a simplified version of the main model's textures; it includes orthographic views which are used by the gunship's mesh.


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