A render of the T119

The Blackbear is the latest Red Star main battle tank. Drawing its lineage from a storied ancestry of Russian tanks, the T-119 is the Red Star's answer to the M1B.

The Blackbear sports a 140mm main gun of conventional design as a stopgap answer to the 'one-upmanship' of the M1B's andvanced propulsion 120mm main gun. The 140mm is a monster of a gun. It does slightly less damage against armor than the M1B's ETC main cannon, but the ground troops love it in urban warfare because the fatter shell carries more explosive, making it more effective against Western Coalition infantry, and the radial damage it can cause.

It sports a Domovoi Decoy Launcher decoy launcher, similar in operation to the Firefly. The threat alert system enhances both inter-vehicle communications and threat detection awareness by providing target designation abilities between primary and secondary positions.

- Field Guide text entry

Description Edit

When the Western Coalition revealed the M1B Fuller main battle tank, the RSA knew they had to make their own move as well to avoid a political or tactical sign of weakness. This lead to the development & creation of the T-119 Blackbear main battle tank being fielded.


The in-game glossary lists the following stats:

  • armor: 5/5
  • Vehicle Speed: 1/5
  • Acceleration: 2/5
  • Crew Capacity: 2
  • Main Armament: 3/5
  • Damage: 3/5
  • Rate of Fire: 3/5


The in-game glossary text describes the following:

Driver: Edit

  • 140mm Main Gun
  • 7.62x39mm Warsaw Pact Coaxial Light Machine Gun
  • Domovoi Decoy Launcher

Commander: Edit

  • 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun

The driver takes on what would be the abilities of not only the tank driver, but also loader. Seat two takes on the commander position, with control over the remote controlled heavy turret gun mounted on top of the tower.

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