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The K-55 (known as “Hyper” among Western Coalition intel analysts) is an attack helicopter developed by the Russians, but in certain ways heavily copies advances made by western designers. It goes back to a 2 seat design, utilizing a classic attack helo layout, with pilot and gunner seated in tandem positions (pilot above and behind, gunner forward), to minimize the aircraft’s profile when seen from in front.

The Hyper mounts a pair of 23mm auto cannons – one aligned with the forward-axis of the vehicle, the other in a nose turret – as well as a 75mm rocket pod and an anti-tank missile. This makes it slightly better armed than its Western Coalition counterpart, the AH67 – but then again it lacks the stealth technology of the latter aircraft. 

The threat alert system enhances both inter-vehicle communications and threat detection and awareness by providing target designation abilities between primary and secondary positions.

Unlike the AH67 which was built more with stealth and evasion in mind, this helicopter was built more as a gunship.  It is capable of easily destroying even the most heavily armored targets.

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The MI-70 attack helicopter, known as the Hyper, is a coaxial rotor attack helicopter used by the Red Star Alliance in an offensive role.

The MI-70 is the counterpart to the Western Coalition's advanced AH-67 attack helicopter.