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A render of the M12

The Alamo is a fallback to the American philosophy of handguns: big and hard-hitting, but sacrificing ammo capacity to do so.
It uses a new round, the 10mm standard pistol - a slightly longer pistol round which nevertheless does damage comparable to the fatter and older .45 calibre (11mm) used in the standard American military sidearm for most of the 20th century.
The 10mm chamber enabled more ammunition to be held in each magazine. It was demanded because the prevalence of body armor has rendered the standard 9mm almost totally obsolete.
Overall the M12 is a sturdy, reliable brute of a sidearm.
--Field Guide entry


The M12 Alamo pistol is the sidearm used by nearly all of the Western Coalition classes. The pistol provides a short -range fallback in case of sudden combat while your primary weapon is empty.

The M12, as with the RSA's Type 101, has unlimited ammo; this makes it a useful fall-back weapon in case of low or no ammunition for your primary weapons.

While the M12 is completely able to kill enemies, it is preferred to use your primary weapons as the low damage and accuracy of the Alamo make it not suitable for mid- to long-range engagements.

As with all non-scoped weapons in the game, the Alamo has no capabilities to use steel sights; however, the accuracy on all other weapons does not change even if not scoped in, so this fact has no effect on game play.


According to the field guide, the Alamo's statistics rate as the following:

  • Weapon Range: 3 of 5
  • Damage: 1 of 5
  • Rate of Fire: 3 of 5
  • Ammunition: 10mm Standard
  • Feed Device: 20 Round Magazine

Behind the Scenes

The M12 was designed by Nathan Campbell, and was modeled by Marcus Dublin while they were employed at Kaos Studios.


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