RS Shotgun sm

A render of the Laayats 15

'Laayats' is Russian for dog bark, and this weapon does the name justice.
The Laayats uses a 10-round box magazine, making it similar in use to an assault rifle.
Overall, a solid close combat weapon.
-- Field Guide text entry

Overview Edit

The Laayats shotgun is the Red Star Alliance's Close Combat class's primary weapon.

It takes the form of a semi-automatic pump-action shotgun, and is effective only at close ranges due to its wide choke.

Statistics Edit

The Field Guide places the weapon as following:

  • Weapon Range: 1 of 5
  • Damage: 2 of 5
  • Rate of Fire: 1 of 5
  • Ammunition: 18mm RSA Shell
  • Feed Device: 10 Round Magazine

Behind the Scenes Edit

The Laayats was designed by Nathan Campbell, and was modeled by Marcus Dublin while they were employed at Kaos Studios.

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