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Kaos Studios was a game developer that produced two games under THQ prior to their closure due to lackluster sales.

Origins Edit

Kaos Studios was originally formed by the core team behind the massively-popular Battlefield 1942 mod, Desert Combat. After the success of this mod - at that time, they were known as Trauma Studios - DICE (the developer of the Battlefield series) bought out the indie developer to have them work on developing their then-work-in-progress title Battlefield 2; however, shortly before the release of Battlefield 2, the team was laid off, with DICE retaining ownership of the Trauma Studios name. The team was then approached by THQ, who offered them jobs to produce titles that they would then publish. The name Kaos Studios was chosen, and development of Frontlines: Fuel of War began shortly after.

Games Edit

Kaos Studios only produced two games during their five-year run:

  • Frontlines: Fuel of War
  • Homefront

Both games were set in the not-so-distant future after a collapse of society in the United States.

In Frontlines, the world's petroleum reserves had run dry, pushing the major powers into a war for the remaining supply.

In Homefront, North Korea successfully launches a surprise EMP attack on the mainland United States, and takes complete control - turning it into a police state.

Known Employees Edit

  • Brian Burrell - Vehicle/3D Artist
  • Marcus Dublin - Weapon/3D Artist
  • Nathan Campbell - Concept/2D Artist

External Links Edit

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