As the Coalition entered the Russian cities, the Red Star fought like cornered animals. There were only two possibilities; victory or death.
"We were not about to let them have the cities that were our homes and our people. If they wanted the former they would have to kill the latter, in battle."
- Jozef Frankov, 5-Star RSA General
-- Loading screen text

Overview Edit

Gnaw is a multiplayer map featured in Frontlines: Fuel of War. The map takes place in a Russian urban city between the RSA and the Western Coalition.

The map features several vehicles on each side, as well as the Battle Bus near the middle.

Control Points Edit

  • Western Coalition Command Center
  • Western Coalition Anti-Air Station
  • Air Drop Site
  • City Center
  • Radio Outpost
  • Communications Center
  • Memorial Park
  • Red Star Alliance Command Center

Vehicles Edit

Gallery Edit

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