2s10 telker render

A render of the 2S10 Telker

The 2S10 is the Red Star Alliance's primary tactical air defense vehicle. The Telker is a slight evolution of Russian technology, however input from Chinese scientists and their favor of their own air defense systems account for several changes.
The Telker supports four 27mm autocannons, mounted in a quad configuration and extremely high rate of fire. Multiple guided air defense missiles (which use a combination of radar and infrared guidance, and are fired in a self-homing manner) are included. These weapons are arrayed in a single, remotely-operated main turret.
As such this weapon platform imposes a fearsome array of firepower against Western Coalition aircraft and aerial drones.
-- Field Guide text entry

Overview Edit

The 2S10 Telker is the Red Star Alliance's anti-air defense vehicle, and the counterpart to the Western Coalition's M7 Railman.

The 2S10 is a hybrid of the Russian and Chinese anti-air vehicles that came before it, combining the lifetimes of experience each country has with these tracked defense vehicles.

Armament Edit

The 2S10 is armed with a quad-configured set of 27mm autocannons that provide rapid-fire air defense with flak shells, as well as 130mm fire-and-forget air defense missiles.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The vehicle is referred to in the game's files as, "VHR_APC_AntiAir", with 'VH' standing for vehicle, 'R' for Red Star Alliance, 'APC' as vehicle type, and 'AntiAir' as sub type.

Brian Burrel did most of the work on the vehicles in Frontlines, while Nathan Campbell did the concept artwork used to create the 3D models. Brian's website has in-editor and in-game renders of his work.

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